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Vacuum Pouch Pack

Vacuum Pouches

We provide vacuum pouches that are suitable for the packaging of almost all kinds of items. Widely used for the purpose of packaging of various food items such as dairy products, seafood, meat and others, these vacuum pouches are used for diverse packaging needs, be it food products, industrial packaging or promotional items. Our range of vacuum pouches is manufactured using nylon and can be delivered in bulk quantities within the committed time frame.

Space Saving Vacuum Bags are a new and smart solution for storage. A space bag is a revolutionary vacuum-sealed storage system that reduces volume and increases protection. It is ideal for storing comforters, blankets, pillows, sweaters, patio cushions and other garments. Space bags are bags that are made out of plastic which shrink a person’s luggage to about half the original size by completely sucking the air from the bag

  • Vacuum Bags used for de-airing of air and compressing the laminates (Degassing) during the production of PVB/EVA laminated glass.

  • Vacuum Suction Rings used for facilitating vacuum in laminated glass.

Our Vacuum Bags are used for variegated purposes and well known for it's quality among our clients. We offer bulk products to meet the requirement of the clients. The materials are fabricated to meet the satisfaction of the clients and are available in various shapes, sizes and patterns.

Vacuum Pouch

Also known as food vacuum pouches or barrier vacuum pouches, provide a barrier against atmosphere and moisture.

Vacuum Pouches for Non-Chamber Machines

These vacuum pouches are designed specifically for machines that perform an external vacuum. The micro layered vacuum bags are made from food grade plastic material.

Vacuum bags are mainly 3 types :
3 Layers Vacuum Bags, 5 Layer Vacuum Bags, 7 Layers Vacuum Bags.

Vacuum Pouches for Chamber Machines

These vacuum pouches are compatible with chamber vacuum sealers. These vacuum pouches consist of 2 smooth layers of 3mil polyamide(nylon)-polyethylene barrier material. 3mil is the most common thickness for vacuum pouches in the industry and meet USDA standards for food packaging. These vacuum pouches do not have a layer of mesh since the chamber vacuum machines will evacuate the air once the pouch is within the chamber. Special thickness' for vacuum pouches available upon request.

Other Types of Vacuum Pouches

vacuum pouches, boil-able vacuum pouches, and bone guard pouches. Please contact us for more information. Vacuum pouches excel in mechanical, impact and seal strength. Our highly versatile vacuum pouches are easily compatible with all types of VACUUM and MAP machines. Flexographic and Rotogravure printing options are also available.

Meat, Poultry and Seafood

We offers a full range of flexible barrier packaging materials produced on state of the art co-extrusion and lamination equipment. Multi-layered vacuum pouches and films are produced for a wide range of extended shelf life food applications.